Goals & Objectives—2020-2021

Spring Grove Classroom

Goal #1—Academic Accountability

All students will receive increased quality and/or quantity of education of CCSS in ELA and Math.


  1. 100% highly qualified teachers: Provide Induction for new teachers.
  2. Provide professional development in the implementation of CCSS in ELA, Math, and ELD with a focus on engagement strategies.
    • AVID (All grades)
    • Orton-Gillingham (TK-2nd, SPED, Intervention)
    • Math/ ELA collaboration with Consultant Tom Hierk
    • i-Ready Math assessments/intervention
    • Science training
  3. Increase student academic achievement in all grades by 10% as measured through:
    • CAASPP scores
    • District benchmarks (Writing, i-Ready Math, Reading Inventory, OG, BPST/Results, Interim Blocks)
    • WIN time intervention/enrichment,
    • Math intervention classes (4th-8th)
    • After school intervention/tutoring
    • Mastery grading
  4. Weekly Professional Learning Communities (PLC) focused on data, standards, and teaching strategies.
  5. Re-designate English Learners to fluent in English within 5 years.
  6. Provide additional push-in support to grades TK-4th to support ELA and math instruction.
  7. Provide students with after school extra-curricular activities. 2 sessions per year.
  8. Provide students with enrichment/academic opportunities during the summer.

Goal #2—Communications

To ensure that all stake holders are informed as it relates to academics, attendance, and student events.


  1. Maintain the District/School website with up to date information and Grade level Google Sites.
  2. Provide families with weekly information.
  3. Communicate expected student behavior and follow through with expectations. Maintain high expectations for all.
    • Implement 6th grade student/parent orientation. (when on campus learning returns)
    • Implement student led parent/teacher conferences (6th-8th grade)
  4. Communicate and implement Anti Bullying program:
    • ABC Program
    • Common Sense lessons at all grade levels
  5. Parent education and communication through School Site Council, English Language Advisory Committee, Parent Migrant Committee, and Parent meetings with Spanish Translation:
    • Student academic achievement
    • CCSS, attendance, safety, & technology
    • Parenting strategies and homework support

Goal # 3—Technology

To ensure that students will have access to technology to support college and career readiness as determined by the CCSS.


  1. Student education on the use of technology and the internet
  2. One to One technology for all students with Distance Learning
  3. Online Technology task force
  4. Technology/Library Specialist
  5. Google Classroom/Google Sites– learning platform schoolwide

Goal #4—Safety

To maintain a safe, clean, orderly campus.


  1. Maintain a drug free, safe campus
  2. Provide appropriate levels of supervision on playground and lunch area
  3. Maintain grounds and facility to reflect high standards
  4. Provide staff online safety training to ensure zero accidents for staff
  5. Staff training on disinfecting, and COVID-19 protocols
  6. Establish a list of priorities for future improvements:
    • PE Storage facility
    • Solar
    • Field and campus landscaping
    • Water Issue-well
    • Cement ramps on portables
    • Repaint outside of buildings– 3-4 year project
    • Asphalt bus area and staff parking lot
  7. Contribute to deferred maintenance for campus and classroom improvements.

Goal #5—Finances

To ensure fiscal solvency.


  1. To provide a balanced budget
  2. To educate all stakeholders in the Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan
  3. To spend the COVID-19, Learning Loss Mitigation Dollars, and CARES Act Dollars to support student and staff safety and distance learning.
  4. To maintain District Reserves—minimum of 17%
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