Goals & Objectives—2022-2023

Spring Grove Classroom

Goal #1—Academic Accountability

All students will receive increased quality and/or quantity of education in all academic subjects.

We will:

  1. Provide, monitor, and assess all LCAP actions and services
  2. Meet all AVID goals
  3. Increase all students’ academic achievement in all grades by 5% as measured through
    • CAASPP/CAST/ELPAC scores: redesignate English Learners to fluent within 5 years
    • District benchmarks (Writing, i Ready, Science of Reading, Interim Blocks)
    • Mastery grading (1,2,3 model at all grade levels)
  4. Ensure Professional Learning Communities (PLC) focused on data, standards, interventions,
  5. Provide Professional development to support student learning and mastery

Goal #2—Communication

To ensure that all stake holders are informed as it relates to academics, attendance, and school events.

We will:

  1. Maintain District website to keep families informed
  2. Keep parents informed Communicate expected behavior and maintain high expectations
  3. Offer Parent education through School Site Council, English Language Advisory Committee, Parent education
  4. Implement ABC (anti bullying) Program/Social Emotional Learning

Goal # 3—Technology

To ensure all students have access to technology to support college and career readiness.

We will:

  1. Educate students on the use of technology and the internet
  2. Provide one to one technology for all students

Goal #4—Safety

To maintain a safe, clean, orderly campus.

We will:

  1. Provide a drug free campus
  2. Maintain grounds and facilities to reflect high standards
  3. Ensure 100% completion of required online safety trainings for all staff
  4. Prioritize future improvements (highest priority 1)
    • Priority 1 – Additional portables /modulars for growth in programs
    • Priority 2 – Solar
    • Priority 1 – Well
    • Priority 1 – Campus landscaping
    • Priority 2 – PE storage facilities
    • Priority 3 – Cement ramps for portables

Goal #5—Finance

To ensure fiscal solvency.

We will:

  1. Maintain a balanced budget
  2. Educate educational partners in the LCAP
  3. Maintain District Reserves minimum 17%
  4. Monitor enrollment and attendance