Employee Forms and Publications

Workplace Wellness

All staff members must complete the Daily Health Screening in the HR Google Classroom before beginning each workday.

Stop COVID-19

To protect the health and safety of employees, NCJUSD has prepared a COVID-19 Prevention Program intended to provide information related to the prevention of Coronavirus.


Annual Notifications

Child Abuse Penal CodePDF Icon
Child Abuse – Educator’s ResponsibilitiesPDF Icon
Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace – Notice to EmployeesPDF Icon
Sexual HarassmentPDF Icon

Health Benefits

Affordable Care Act—Summary of Benefits & Coverages

The Affordable Care Act requires that employers provide employees of a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for each plan offered by the employer so that employees can compare plans using similar information for each plan. The information includes:

  • An easy-to-understand summary of benefits and coverage
  • A uniform glossary of terms commonly used in health insurance coverage such as “deductible” and “co-payment”
  • Coverage examples

The links below include SBCs for plans offered under SISC through North County Joint Union School District.

2021 Blue Cross PPO 80-E $20 PPO RX 9-35PDF Icon
2021 Blue Cross PPO 80-G $20 PPO RX 9-35PDF Icon
2021 Blue Cross PPO 80-G $30 PPO RX 9-35PDF Icon
2021 Blue Cross PPO 90-A $20 PPO RX 9-35PDF Icon
2021 Blue Cross Anthem Minimum Value PPO RX 9-35 MVPPDF Icon
Delta Dental
CertificatedPDF Icon
ClassifiedPDF Icon
Vision Services Plan (VSP)
All covered employeesPDF Icon
Nativas Rx
All covered employeesPDF Icon

Administrative Employees

Director of Special Education /Admin District Psychologist 2021-22PDF Icon
Admin Calendars 2021-22PDF Icon
Salary Schedule
Director SPED Salary Schedule 2022-23  Coming soon!
Salary Schedule 2022-23 Coming soon!
Job Descriptions
Assistant PrincipalPDF Icon
Director of SPED and Administrative District PsychologistPDF Icon
Director of Student Services, Curriculum and InstructionPDF Icon
Superintendent/PrincipalPDF Icon


Certificated Employees

Certificated Advanced Notice of AbsencePDF Icon
Certificated Agreement 2018-2021PDF Icon
Certificated Calendars 2021-22PDF Icon
Salary Schedule
Salary Schedule 2022-23PDF Icon
Salary Advancement
Intent to Change ColumnPDF Icon
Approval of College Units for Salary AdvancementPDF Icon
CALSTRS – Retirement Information
CALSTRS Address Change FormPDF Icon
Click to login and manage your CALSTRS account online:
Suspected Child Abuse ReportPDF Icon
Student Success Team Referral FormPDF Icon
Job Descriptions
ROAR Learning Program TeacherPDF Icon
Summer School CoordinatorPDF Icon

Classified Employees

Classified Advanced Notice of AbsencePDF Icon
Classified AgreementPDF Icon
Classified Calendars 2020-21PDF Icon
Classified Calendars 2021-22PDF Icon
Salary Schedule
Salary Schedule 2022-23PDF Icon
CalPERS – Retirement Information
Click to login and manage your CALPERS account online:
CalPERS Logo
Suspected Child Abuse ReportPDF Icon
Job Descriptions
1-1 Specialist AidePDF Icon
Bus DriverPDF Icon
Classroom AidePDF Icon
CustodianPDF Icon
Custodian / Groundsworker / Bus DriverPDF Icon
Food Service ManagerPDF Icon
Food Service Worker IPDF Icon
Food Service Worker IIPDF Icon
Instructional Aide – Migrant EducationPDF Icon
Intervention Support SpecialistPDF Icon
Lead Facility/Transportation SpecialistPDF Icon
Library/Media SpecialistPDF Icon
Noon Duty SupervisorPDF Icon
Occupational TherapistPDF Icon
Office Assistant-Copy ClerkPDF Icon
Pre K Teacher AssistantPDF Icon
Pre K TeacherPDF Icon
Pre-School Specialist (Migrant)PDF Icon
School Office Support & Student Data SpecialistPDF Icon
School Office Secretary IPDF Icon
Special Education AidePDF Icon
Special Education Inclusion AidePDF Icon
Special Education/Special Needs AidePDF Icon
Technology/Library SpecialistPDF Icon


Confidential Management

Confidential/Management Calendar 2020-21PDF Icon
Confidential/Management Calendar 2021-22PDF Icon
Salary Schedule
Salary Schedules 2022-23  Coming soon!
Job Descriptions
Accounts/Payroll SpecialistPDF Icon
Administrative Assistant/Human Resources AnalystPDF Icon
Manager, Fiscal ServicesPDF Icon


Field Trips

Field Trip Request FormPDF Icon

Fiscal Services


SISCAs a courtesy to our districts that offer behavioral health products to their employees, SISC will be posting EAP flyers on our website.
The following are examples of the topics that may be addressed in the flyers:

  • Making a difference in your child’s education
  • Family feud strategies
  • Living within your means

Please refer to the SISC Rates-At-A-Glance to verify which behavioral health product is offered through your district.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) flyers on SISC website

2021-22 Classroom Supply GuidelinesPDF Icon
2022 Mileage Reimbursement Claim FormPDF Icon
Money Count SheetPDF Icon
Payroll Voucher FormPDF Icon
2021-22 Purchase Order FormPDF Icon
2021-22 Purchase Reimbursement FormPDF Icon
Travel Reimbursement Claim FormPDF Icon
Work Order FormPDF Icon
Tax Forms
DE4 State WithholdingPDF Icon
W4 – Federal WithholdingPDF Icon


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