Interdistrict Transfers

What is an Interdistrict Transfer?

Interdistrict transfers are for:

  • Students who reside outside of the NCJUSD boundaries and request to transfer into Spring Grove School.
  • Students who reside in the NCJUSD boundaries and request to transfer out of Spring Grove School.

To transfer out of NCJUSD/Spring Grove School:

  • The Interdistrict transfer request for must be filled out completely and submitted to the NCJUSD District Office.
  • Once approved, the District will notify you and send the approved transfer request to the requested district.
  • Requests may be submitted throughout the school year.
  • Interdistrist Agreement ENGLISH: 2024-25
  • Interdistrist Agreement SPANISH: 2024-25

If a request for the current or future year transfer is denied, NCJUSD must notify parents, in writing, of their right to appeal the denial within 30 calendar days to the San Benito County Board of Education.

Why NCJUSD may deny an incoming interdistrict transfer request

The initial transfer may be denied due to lack of space in the requested grade level or due to lack of space in a special program.  Students who are denied may be placed on a waitlist and notified when space does become available during the school year.

The transfer may be withdrawn by either district any time the student’s attendance, achievement, or behavior does not meet the reasonable expectations of school officials.

To  transfer into the NCJUSD/Spring Grove School:

The district will attempt to accommodate all requests for school transfers based on program and classroom space availability, and in accordance with law, board policy and administrative regulation.

  • Renewals:  You are responsible for submitting renewal requests each year to your district of residence and for including the required documents.
  • New:  Requests for the 2023-2024 school will be accepted beginning February 5, 2024.  Final decisions will be made by mid summer.
    • Interdistrict Transfer requests are accepted based on space availability in the grade level and space in requested programs.

If you have questions in regards to the process, please contact Erin Livingston (Administrative Assistant) at 637-5574 ext. 201.

Interdistrict Notification

For interdistrict transfer requests received 15 or fewer calendar days before the start of instruction in the school year for which the transfer is sought, NCJUSD must notify parents of its final decision within 30 calendar days of receiving the request.

For requests received 16 or more calendar days before the start of the school year for which the transfer is sought, NCJUSD must notify parents as soon as possible but not later than 14 calendar days after the start of instruction in that school year.

NCJUSD policies on interdistrict transfers: coming soon!